The ZAP Taxi Club, the new integrated offering for the electrification of taxis in Attica, was made possible by the investment company SirecEnergy in collaboration with Ethniki Leasing, the project’s financier, and FREENOW, the booking platform.

Specifically ZAP S.Α, a company created by SirecEnergy, is developing a new fast-charging network in Attica, exclusively for electric taxis, members of the ZAP Taxi Club.

The electric taxis can be acquired by owners of a taxi license, by withdrawing their old conventional vehicle, with a finance leasing contract from Ethniki Leasing, and register on the FREENOW platform, with great benefits like full coverage of vehicle maintenance, insurance, energy and government subsidy for the purchase.

The owners of the new electric taxis and members of the ZAP Taxi Club will be integrated into the FREENOW platform, and specifically into the “Green Taxi” fleet, and will automatically gain priority in the company’s partner driver reward program. Τhey will get maintenance and insurance for their car as well as direct access to ZAP’s 24/7 fast charging network, with savings of at least 30% on the total cost of operating the taxi and from higher revenues due to priority distribution of electric vehicles to passengers, through the FREENOW platform.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr Christos Staikouras, commented:

“The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has prioritized the promotion of electric mobility. The budget of the “Green Taxis” action amounts to 40 million euros, financed by the Recovery and Resilience Fund. It is sufficient to replace 1,770 old and polluting taxis with pure electric ones, with the mandatory condition of the retirement of the old vehicle. The subsidy is exceptionally high, as it reaches up to 40% of the pre-VAT value of the taxi, with the maximum total support amounting to 22,500 euros.

We welcome today’s initiative, which faces significant concerns regarding the necessary liquidity and charging stations in specific areas.

Through the acquisition of a new electric vehicle, taxi owners benefit from zero maintenance costs, savings of at least 30% on the total cost of running their taxi, direct access to ZAP’s fast charging network, and higher revenues due to the priority availability of electric vehicles to passengers. Following today’s initiative, I once again call on the taxi industry to renew its fleet of cars, taking advantage of generous government subsidies and important private sector initiatives. Now is the time and the opportunity”.

 The General Secretary of Transport, Mr. Ioannis Xifaras, commented:

“The Greek Government and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport have prioritized sustainable urban mobility and improving the daily lives of all our fellow citizens. Given that taxis cover approximately one-third of the vehicle kilometres in the city of Athens, it becomes clear that the electrification of the sector is critical in reducing its environmental footprint. Therefore, we estimate that this specific initiative will support both financially and at the level of providing wider services to professional taxi drivers who want to switch to electric mobility and will contribute to the penetration of electric mobility in the sector”.

 The CEO of National Leasing, Mr Theodoros Spyropoulos, stated among other things that:

“At National Bank Group, we take responsibility for the environment, undertake environmental initiatives and actions, and provide the appropriate tools to accelerate the green transition. For this reason, from the first moment, we embraced the new action “ZAP Taxi Club” concerning the electrification of taxis. In particular, Ethniki Leasing decided to support this effort, financing, through a financial leasing contract, the purchase of subsidized electric cars by professionals in the sector. Ethniki Leasing provides taxi professional owners with a comprehensive investment program, with which, in addition to the necessary funds to purchase the car, they can enjoy maintenance, insurance and energy services. We hope that this new venture will have a positive response from the taxi industry and significant environmental benefits”.

 The CEO of SirecEnergy, Mr Dionysis Alysandratos, referring to the new fast charging network, pointed out that:

“The new network is being developed in 10 central points in Attica, including the area of ​​the Airport, OAKA, the area of ​​the port of Piraeus, the Center of Athens, the Kifisos KTEL bus station, the Northern, Western and Southern suburbs. The network will operate exclusively for Zap Taxi Club members on a 24-hour basis. The first charging point will be commissioned in June, and the remaining nine will be by the end of 2024. This will enable electric taxis to charge within 20 minutes. Εvery electric taxi needs 45KWh of energy per day capable of 250 kilometres, with the total battery capacity of the new electric taxis capable of providing energy up to 600 kilometres”.

Ms. Aspa Topalidou, General Manager of FREENOW, commented:

“FREENOW, with long-term experience in electric taxis, which reaches 46% of the company’s pan-European routes, has evaluated its broader activities by setting short-term targets endorsed by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) for more sustainable urban mobility. As part of the partnership, FREENOW will ensure ZAP Taxi Club taxi owners direct membership in the special “Green Taxi” fleet, facilitating the choice of electric taxis by passengers, while also providing additional suggestions to ZAP Taxi Club members for further upgrades based on our experience in other European countries.

In addition, Club members will have priority in the company’s driver partner rewards program, and special signage will be placed on the vehicles to promote awareness and use of ZAP Taxi Club. The fleet will also be easily accessible to agencies and industries pursuing the “green” movement, such as the tourism industry and public bodies”.

It is noted that Ethniki Leasing, the first company in the finance leasing sector, provides financing through a finance leasing contract to taxi licensed owners, who, if they join the state program, can receive a subsidy of up to 22,500 euros, provided that they withdraw their old conventional technology vehicle. For those interested, it is possible to choose cars from 7 cooperating manufacturers (Skoda, Mercedes, VW, KIA, Hyundai, MG, BYD) and 4-year or 5-year contracts with 100,000 and 75,000 kilometres per year, respectively.

At the end of the leasing contracts, the taxi owners can acquire the vehicle for a nominal price.

The monthly rent will be from 980 to 1,200 euros, plus VAT. It will be structured according to the type of car chosen, the annual km and the years of the lease, and will include the cost of the vehicle, fire liability insurance coverage and theft, regular maintenance at authorized workshops, breakdown coverage and charging to the ZAP network for 250km per day.

Τhe representatives of the companies pointed out that those interested can already contact Ethinki Leasing for more information:

On +30 210-5195000 and apply through the network of National Bank branches.

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