Environmental sustainability encompasses preserving natural resources and all minimizing all types of pollution affecting water, air and soil. Our thematic investment approach ensures we target investment opportunities that deliver the greatest positive environmental impacts, as well as long term returns on our investments.

Circular Economy

Investments in the Circular Economy focus on the reduction of greenhouse gases from manufacturing, as well as ensuring the reusability of products and resources.

This can include waste management, such as recycling, and water purification, to improve its quality through the reduction of pollutants and to encourage biodiversity.

Some of the Circular Economy projects we have invested in include:

    • Water treatment
    • Pollution and Carbon emissions management
    • Waste management
    • Reuse and repositioning of existing real estate assets

Energy Savings Projects

Investments in energy efficiency reduces energy consumption and emissions leading to significant cost savings while protecting the environment.

Energy Efficiency measures reduce the energy intensity of infrastructure, and the projects we have invested in include:

  • Streetlighting LED Retrofit
  • Commercial LED Retrofit
  • Energy saving solutions in HVAC, Cogeneration, and smart metering

Renewable energy

Energy generation using fossil fuels is one of the major contributors of greenhouse gases, as well as being dependent on depleting stocks of finite natural resources.

Renewable energy provides alternatives to fossil fuels with substantially less greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Renewable Energy Investments include

  • Investments in wind, solar & hydroelectric power generation
  • Repowering of existing parks
  • Aggregating small ones
  • Brownfield renewable energy parks
  • Energy storage facilities

Investment approach

Iterative approaches to corporate strategy collaborative thinking to further the overall value.

We generate our profits from sharing in the success of our investments. This encourages us to rigorously seek out the best investment opportunities which fit our investment criteria.

For this reason, we are actively involved in the management and the deployment of the sustainable projects of the companies in our portfolio.

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Investment criteria

Business models  Cash flow generating assets

Market characteristics  Strong positive ESG impact assets, technologically innovative projects

Typical transaction
Investment amount €2-14m per project
Project EV €3-230m
Tenor 5-12 years

Location Greece

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