How We Work

Our purpose is to provide superior value to our investors by partnering closely with our portfolio companies to produce operational excellence and drive innovation.


We believe environmental sustainability is the greatest investment opportunity of our generation. Taking advantage of this opportunity will not only improve financial returns for our clients, but also help create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for everyone.


We invest and partner with great companies with massive potential for growth. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to create more value to stay ahead of market trends.


Investments by Sirec Energy support the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. Our portfolio consists of innovative companies with the potential for long-term value generation.


Our team is comprised of nine professionals and over ten network partners that bring a wealth of experience from successfully managing environmental projects and sourcing the most efficient resources to create value.

Dionissis Alissandratos Managing Director
Evangelos Bardis Director
Leonidas Vergos Director
Periklis Voulgaris Non-Executive Director
Sophia Manta Investment Associate
George Papageorgantas Venture Partner – Large scale renewable projects
Dimitris Katraouzos Venture Partner – Corporate Sustainability and Supply Chain
Eleni Tagkalaki Finance Manager
Panagiota Georgiopoulou Office Manager

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We engage with industry stakeholders to support multiple frameworks and associations