Empoweringa sustainable future

Sirec Energy, an independent private equity firm, invests for the long-term to build successful resilient businesses that lead to better returns, economic growth and a greater world.

Who we are

We seek to drive economic growth

We invest and partner with great companies where we see massive potential for growth. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to create more value to stay ahead of market trends.

We invest across the whole spectrum of sustainable market opportunities to generate higher returns.

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Solid Experiencewith a vision


Our team brings a wealth of experience in sustainability investments

Sirec Energy is led by highly experienced executives with long-term experience in private equity investments and climate related projects. The team has successfully delivered energy savings and pollution control projects and advised on environmental regulatory frameworks.

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A risk-balanced approach

We aim to deliver persistent outperformance and construct portfolios with a risk- balanced approach focusing on environmental principles and yield generation.

Climate change poses a serious threat to the well-being of our planet. Addressing this issue represents the greatest investment opportunity of our generation, and we want to seize this opportunity to improve financial returns for our shareholders whilst building a greener world. We are committed to carbon neutrality, and we are contributing to projects in various enterprises to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.

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News andInsights

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